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Every business wants to reduce costs and improve their admin processes, and we imagine your clients are no different. One way they can do this is by improving the way they track and capture employee time.

We have been helping employers like you improve the way they manage payroll and answer the age old question: Who Worked When? for over 25 years (we formerly owned Comacc Payroll, now Exo, before selling to MYOB)

The number one issue we have seen during this time is employers struggling to capture and process their employee time data accurately and in a timely manner.

Solving this problem is the key to cost effective management of payroll and job costing. That's why we created MyTimesheets - our "Realtime", online, digital timesheet tool.

MyTimesheets is a simple, mobile optimised, digital tool which allows employees to record and submit their timesheets in real time, including leave and the jobs they have worked on, and then once approved, have the data feed to any payroll system or job costing system.

Key Concerns we often hear from clienst using manual systems such a paper timesheets include:

  • Accuracy and Errors in Time Sheet data
  • The time it takes to analyse the time data.
  • Time sheets are not being completed in a timely fashion
  • Potential for Errors in keying data into the payrolls

To find out more information about MyTimesheets, check out our informative brochures below:

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