Who is Aider?

Aider is a fintech SaaS company that is advancing the way that accountants and bookkeepers do business with intelligent software.

As a company – and as a product – Aider’s mission is to streamline and scale advisory for accountants and bookkeepers.

Aider’s use of artificial intelligence advances advisory, minimising time spent on admin, maximising time for accountants and bookkeepers to offer proactive, sound financial advice.

Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform

Optimising modern artificial intelligence, Aider has built a powerful Advisory Intelligence Platform, specifically designed for accountants and bookkeepers.

Aider’s Advisory Platform is an intuitive and effortless software, providing advisors with the tools they need to manage their clients’ finances, for the purpose of providing proactive advice.

Aider syncs seamlessly with world-renowned Xero accounting software, saving accountants and bookkeepers invaluable time. How? It pulls data directly from Xero, then using artificial intelligence, it pre-analyses and organises the data.

Overview of Aider’s Platform

Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform, with it’s digital assistant Mobile App (an optional add-on), provides advisors with an automated and digestible overview of their clients’ finances.

Whether you have 5 clients or 500 clients, you can simply login to Aider and manage all of your clients’ data in one effortless-to-use place.

Aider provides you with insights and awareness of financial performance such as cash flow forecasts, invoice tax and GST estimates, and so much more.

It eliminates unnecessary administrative tasks, all the while providing real-time insights; all in one intuitive platform.

Here's how Aider will change your practice for the better

✓     A centralised view of your clients’ data

✓     Quick profit & loss forecasts

✓     View leading indicators & insights

✓     Send proactive notifications

✓     More productive client conversations

✓     Seamless Xero integration

✓     Powerful communication via theAider Mobile App

✓     Managing by exception, saving you time

✓     All of your clients’ data in one intuitive overview screen

Are you tired of bookkeeping admin and are ready to implement innovative technology to your daily operations?

Let Aider do the admin for you, so you can focus on what matters: advising.

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