ICNZB are pleased to be partnering with AutoCard Services Ltd to offer our members, their employees and clients, discounted fuel options

Autocard offers a no surprises, straight up, cents per litre discount off the pump price, on every fuel purchase you make, anytime, anywhere, from any of the fuel supply partners national network of 400 service stations and truck stops.

The discount offer is clear - there are no fees charged and you only pay for the fuel you use, minus the agreed ICNZB discount below, it’s really that simple.


This discount is a per litre discount and is only available through BP, GAS and RD Petroleum outlets.

A perk for members

We wanted to provide our members with real-life savings and what better way than a fuel discount – it is something that is part of everyday living expenses and can be used by members as part of their own business, or in their personal lives. 

Members are able to share this offer with their employees and contractors ao they may enjoy the discounts offered as well, this can either be done through a business account with your employees and contractors sitting under your account or by allowing them to open their own account with AutoCard.  You can even add a card for your spouse to your account.

The opportunities are endless. 

Increase your service offering to clients

We recognise that bookkeepers are heavily involved in the financial operations of businesses throughout the country, so what better way for you to add value for your clients than by providing them with an opportunity to save on fuel. 

As the person who regularly sees the costs your clients, particularly those with fleets, incur on fuel – you could refer back through their prior months' fuel expenses, calculate the savings they could have made by being on the ICNZB discount offer using the rates above, and show them the savings. 

Simply refer your clients to the application link below and they too can set up their own account. 

So how does it really work?

Once you have completed the application form on the AutoCard website, AutoCard will set up your account and order your cards for delivery direct to you.  You can then start reaping the benefits of cheaper fuel straight away at any BP, GAS or RD Petroleum outlet.

You may apply for multiple cards on your account – perfect for a business fleet, or employers wanting to provide their employees with a discount.   And you have the ability to set credit limits and purchasing restrictions on each card.

The billing process from there is simple - you will receive an invoice by email with a breakdown of your transactions twice monthly.  Payment is then made via direct debit from your nominated bank account 5 days following the invoice date.

Still have questions?

Contact the team at Autocard with any questions and they will get back to you as soon as possible. 


ICNZB have partnered with AutoCard Services Ltd to distribute this offer to members and their affiliates.  Once a member has signed up for a fuel card, the relationship is then between AutoCard Services Ltd and the member. ICNZB are the referrer in the process. 

As agreed with AutoCard Services Ltd, ICNZB earns a rebate of 0.02c per litre of fuel sold through this fuel offer scheme.  Any income derived from this scheme is for reinvestment into future member benefit offerings for members of the Association. 


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