Who Is FlexiTime?

FlexiTime is a Wellington-based software business committed to creating beautiful workforce management solutions. Our purpose is to help employers, employees and contractors achieve Work.Life.Success™, because when work and life are in balance we all succeed. Our cloud-based products include payroll, time tracking, contractor management, rostering software and freelance management. We believe technology should enable people to make the most out of life by automating and streamlining traditionally complex and admin intensive day-to-day tasks, so you can spend your valuable time on what’s really important.

In July 2022, FlexiTime was named Payroll Software Solution of the Year by ICNZB members for the second year running. It’s been a real honour to be recognised in this way by the New Zealand bookkeeping community for both 2021 and 2022.


Become A Partner

Grow your business by partnering with FlexiTime. As a FlexiTime partner, you’ll get access to benefits, resources and tools to help your clients. The best part is you can manage all your FlexiTime subscriptions and client accounts from our Partner app. Click here to book a call with our partner team.




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PayHero makes payroll simpler and more intuitive for New Zealand employers, employees and partners. PayHero is focused on compliance and follows the very latest Holidays Act guidance from MBIE. Incorporating online timesheets, employee self-service, leave management and automated payday filing, PayHero provides payroll solutions for Kiwi businesses of any size. 


How can PayHero help your business and clients?

  • Run pays from anywhere with intuitive, cloud-based payroll software.
  • Take advantage of IRD and Xero integrations to streamline business management.
  • Run your client pays on Autopilot without even needing to log in.
  • Calculate compliant holiday leave automatically, even when work patterns change.
  • Get your clients to pre-approve timesheets, so you can have confidence when processing their payroll.
  • An app for employees to view and download payslips, and submit timesheets, expense claims and leave requests.


Learn more on our website about PayHero’s powerful payroll system.

Introducing Online Payroll for NZ Businesses | PayHero from FlexiTime on Vimeo.



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Droppah helps businesses roster staff while tracking time to control costs and optimise coverage. Droppah also integrates with our payroll software PayHero to sync time and employee leave through a deep two-way integration. Droppah is completely free for companies with up to 10 employees. 


How can Droppah help your business and clients?

  • Manage scheduling on the go with cloud-based rostering software.
  • Clients can monitor employee overtime to stay on top of labour costs and avoid burnout.
  • Published shifts can be emailed to employees and downloaded to print.
  • Set staff availability and sync leave from PayHero to ensure accurate rostering.
  • Free rostering for small businesses.
  • An app for employees to view their roster and swap shifts.


Ready to get started? Let’s go!



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Invoxy is timesheet and billing software for recruitment agencies and professional services. Invoxy​ increases billing accuracy and helps agencies get paid faster with timesheets, client approvals and batch invoicing. Invoxy also integrates with PayHero to sync candidate data, timesheets, leave and expenses, making payroll a whole lot easier. 


How can Invoxy help your business and clients? 

  • With mobile timesheets, employees & contractors can track time against specific clients, projects or jobs.
  • Timesheets can be reviewed and approved with a single click from an email.
  • Quickly create and send large batches of invoices to multiple parties, all tailored to their exact requirements. 
  • Automate compliance and induction tasks with customisable employee and contractor onboarding.
  • Track staff productivity, revenue and costs in real time as timesheets are submitted. See forecast revenue and build custom reports to keep your clients on top of their business. 


Find out more about Invoxy’s contractor management software



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Karmly helps independent contractors track time and expenses, manage workloads, bill clients, and get paid right. The best part - it’s absolutely free! With Karmly, contractors can work where, when and how they want, for clients anywhere in the world. They can access more opportunities with fewer barriers and get paid fairly for the work they do. 

Karmly joins the suite of FlexiTime’s workforce management tools and will be expanded in the upcoming months with new features for businesses looking to manage a global, on-demand workforce.


How can Karmly help your business and clients? 

  • A free and easy tool for contractors to send professional invoices and report on their earnings.
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets and make it easier for your contractors to capture and organise their timesheets and expenses.
  • Help contractors manage their projects and workload and grow their income.
  • A shared view of work lets you be part of your clients’ team and helps build confidence that you’re delivering.
  • An easy way for you to collaborate with other contractors and manage the associated comms and billing arrangements.
  • Contractors can automatically build up a beautiful online résumé showcasing their experience. 
  • Integrate with Xero so when you send invoices from Karmly create draft accounts receivable invoices in Xero. 


Try this free independent contractor app for yourself and stay tuned for more updates on Karmly.