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The Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers (ICNZB) is on a mission to empower New Zealand's bookkeeping professionals by offering a pathway to recognised certification and a robust support network. We do this by way of:

  • Standards: Our comprehensive professional resources are designed for every stage of your bookkeeping career, ensuring you’re kept up to date with the latest standards of excellence.
  • Advocacy: We stand up for the interests of bookkeepers across New Zealand, ensuring your voice is heard in regulatory and industry discussions.
  • Support: Our strong community provide a collective voice that enhances the credibility and influence of our members across the NZ bookkeeping profession.

We are committed to maintaining industry standards, advocating for the interests of our members, and providing the support needed to succeed in the dynamic world of bookkeeping. This focus ensures that our members are well-prepared to meet the challenges of their profession.

By joining ICNZB, you gain access to resources and training that keep you updated on industry best practices and regulations, ensuring you stay competitive and compliant. 

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Start your ambitious journey with our comprehensive guide, designed for those serious about mastering bookkeeping and gaining ICNZB certification. This resource is packed with essential information on setting up a professional bookkeeping business, understanding the necessary considerations, and ensuring you meet industry standards from the start. Perfect for ambitious new entrants and those looking to formalise their expertise in the field.

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