Virtually connecting and empowering Bookkeepers across the country! 

Connecting nationally to develop a supportive community.

To supplement our Regional Meetings, we also offer a monthly National Meeting to allow our members to connect.


These National Meetings are held monthly and we encourage any ICNZB Member to attend and participate.

Why attend you may ask?  
  1. It is a great way to meet members who may specialise in something that could supplement your business. 
  2. You can submit feedback to the Executive Committee on any brilliant ideas you may have - or even something you think the Association may be able to deliver to help you within your bookkeeping. 
  3. It provides us with an opportunity to celebrate any successes you may have had. 
  4. The meetings are the ultimate troubleshooting session - for example, if you are having an issue with software for a client, you have the opportunity to talk it through with a supportive group of fellow Bookkeepers. 

These meetings are practical, focused and encouraging - and are here to help empower members to be the best Bookkeeper they can be with a whole bunch of support from across the country!