You can tell people you’re an experienced Bookkeeper and that you are a professional committed to high ethical standards.

Or you could let your status as a member of ICNZB say it for you.

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Learn everything you need to know before you apply to become a Member, including the different membership types, eligibility criteria, annual subscription rates, what information you need on hand to apply and expectations.

We have three classes of membership available to individuals:

This is the entry level of membership to ICNZB.  All new members must apply for Associate Membership before upgrading to Certified Bookkeeper membership

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The next step from Associate is to become an ICNZB Certified Bookkeeper.  To upgrade, members are required to pass a knowledge assessment.

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After 4 years of Certified membership, members are eligible to apply for ICNZB Master Bookkeeper membership.  This is the top tier of our membership.  

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