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Are you a bookkeeping professional looking to grow your business and expand your client base?

Then you are in the right place!

Finding good clients can be a crucial challenge for any bookkeeper.

But with the right strategies and a proactive approach, you can attract the attention of potential clients and build long-lasting working relationships.

So, what are these strategies and where can you find new clients?

That is exactly what we are discussing in this article, so read on to find out.

9 Ways Your Bookkeeping Business Can Find New Clients

1: Define Your Difference

As a bookkeeper, you have the skill and expertise to help businesses maintain their financial health, optimise their processes, and make informed decisions. However, in today's competitive market, simply offering exceptional bookkeeping services may not be enough to attract and find new clients.

Whether you are just starting your bookkeeping venture or you are looking to expand your existing client base, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Setting a point of difference can help you be known for a certain skill or be recognised in a specific industry.

For example, you may choose to focus on bookkeeping for tradies or hospitality businesses, or you might specialise in a certain accounting system.  Defining your difference helps the right kinds of clients find you and can really help with your marketing.

2: Networking

One of the best ways to find new clients is to connect with them in person. That way, you can establish that initial connection of trust right away. Networking is a great way to do that.

Attend local business events, networking meetings, industry conferences (just like the annual ICNZB one!) and meetups when you can. This gives you the chance to talk with business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who might need a bookkeeper.

Take the opportunity to build relationships and exchange contact information. Then, people you have met can contact you if they want to work with you, or if they have a referral. You can do the same for their business.

3: Referrals

Referrals are like solid gold for your business. Why? Because if a potential client has someone they already know, like and trusts recommend you, they know it is a quality recommendation. Half of the selling is already done from your perspective!

As we just said, networking is a great place to encourage referrals. But, it isn’t the only place. Encourage your existing clients, friends and family to refer your services to their contacts. Usually, people are only too happy to recommend you when they know you do a good job. And you may also choose to give a referral bonus as an incentive, but it’s not necessary.

4: Get Online

In our modern digital world, it is really important to have an online presence so that people can find you online. A website that showcases your services, expertise and testimonials is really important. But, it doesn’t have to be super fancy. There are plenty of platforms where you can build your own basic website, or reach out to an expert to help. Just make sure your site is optimised for search engines so people can find you easily.

As well as a website, choose a couple of social media platforms to have a presence on. We recommend LinkedIn and Facebook as a starting point. This gives you a place to share valuable content, engage with your audience and promote your services.

5: Content Marketing

A great way to amplify your online presence is to utilise content marketing. Writing and sharing valuable content displays the expertise you have in your field and gives potential clients a way to find you online.

Write blog and social media posts, create educational videos, or host webinars that provide useful tips, advice, and insights to business owners. This will help build your credibility and attract potential clients who are looking for expert bookkeeping services.

To gain additional reach for your content, you may choose to run digital ads on platforms like Google or Facebook. This tactic allows you to target specific demographics and geographical areas to reach potential clients who are actively searching for bookkeeping assistance.

6: Form Partnerships

While you are networking or exploring your local options, look for opportunities to create strategic partnerships with complementary businesses like accountants, business consultants, or financial advisors. Offer to refer your clients to them for their services, and in return, ask them to refer their clients to you for bookkeeping needs. These partnerships can lead to a mutually beneficial exchange of clients.

7: Local Marketing

Traditional marketing still has a place in amongst all the digital elements. Community notice boards, papers, events, and magazines are all great ways to get your name out there in the local community. You can place advertisements or simply raise your brand awareness. Sponsoring or assisting in local events is a great way to build your business presence.

8: Online Directories

Another great way to be found online is to list your business in relevant online directories. Create a Google Business Profile so that you have a greater chance of appearing in Google searches. Also, keep an eye out for local directories that you can join. Ensure that your contact information, services and reviews are up to date so that your directory listings remain relevant and helpful!

9: Join A Professional Body

An excellent way to make connections and create credibility for your business is to join a professional body. As a bookkeeper, your best option is to become a registered member of the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers (ICNZB).

Being a certified member proves the knowledge and expertise you have in the bookkeeping field which is very attractive to clients. You also gain a support network and access to our events and training to undertake professional development and make new connections.

Finally, you are able to list your business in our online directory, the most credible directory for bookkeepers in NZ. This opens the opportunity to find new clients as they can discover your bookkeeping business online.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover how you can become a member of the ICNZB here.