Get more bookkeeping clients with ICNZB

“If someone told me that in 9 months I would have a successful business and be training my first employee, I would have laughed!”

Does this feel like something you would say right now?

When you are first starting a bookkeeping business, it can feel like a slow journey to success. It might feel like you are never going to get booked out with clients.

That is how Sarah Wagteveld felt when she first began her business, Office Crew. But only 9 months later, she had managed to build a thriving enterprise. And being a member of ICNZB helped her do this.

Let’s take some lessons from Sarah’s success so that you can maybe replicate it in your own business.

Starting out

When building a business, it can feel like success is a long way off. So, any opportunity to build credibility is going to help immensely. Both with your clients and with your own professional mindset. Sarah took this opportunity by becoming certified with ICNZB.

“When I was in the planning and research mode and my business was just an idea, I stumbled across the ICNZB. For me, being part of a professional body was a no brainer.

I had worked for large companies for many years in various administration-based roles from, sales and operations to finance but to move ahead with my business idea it was important to me to become certified, not only to prove to my clients that I knew what I was doing but to prove to myself that I knew more than I gave myself credit for.”

The benefits of a partnership

The thing about starting out is that you don’t know what you don’t know! Which is why it can be really helpful to create a safe space for learning, networking and development. For Sarah, that place was ICNZB,

The first 6 months of my business were a struggle, but once I started going to the regional meetings and my first conference, the connections I made were invaluable. It was the initial connections I made within the ICNZB that got me my first client and since then business has snowballed.

Having access to other members on hand to ask questions and get advice from has helped me grow as a bookkeeper and given me the confidence to take on industry sectors I have never worked with before. There is always someone willing to give advice and lend a helping hand when you need it, you don’t feel so alone and isolated.”

Business and professional growth

It takes time to build a great reputation and it is hard to instantly create confidence for potential clients when your business hasn’t been operating very long. A professional certification can go a long way towards the foundations of a strong and trusted business reputation.

That was the value Sarah discovered at the start of her independent bookkeeping journey, “It’s the ability to give prospective clients some piece of mind that you are a professional and they have somewhere to turn if for whatever reason they are not happy with your service.”

Then, when you have built that strong reputation and are delivering excellent service to your clients, it’s important to continue to develop your skills. “The continued professional development has helped grow my service offerings which in turn has helped grow my business.”

Should you join ICNZB too?

Is ICNZB right for your business? As a bookkeeper, you can find a safe and enriching space within the ICNZB. We support and advocate for our members, bringing bookkeeping to life and giving our bookkeepers better recognition within New Zealand.

But, don’t just take our work for it, here’s Sarah’s advice,

“At my first conference in Rotorua last year I had 1 small client and was about to give up, but with the support of this community I persevered and it has been a steady growth ever since.

Take a leap of faith and join, you will meet some great people, learn and grow as a bookkeeper.”

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