Setting a professional standard for client communications

As well as onboarding clients, there will inevitably be a time when you need to offboard or “fire” a client. This may occur when you have disengaged from a client or a client has disengaged from you for a variety of reasons.

To assist bookkeepers in managing this integral part of the client relationship, ICNZB have developed a client termination letter to assist both members and non-members.

This template provides you with the wording to disengage from a client professionally. It covers situations where the relationship has ended amicably, with issues, or has just run its course to a natural end. The template includes explanatory notes for each option to guide you in tailoring the letter to meet your specific needs in each scenario.

Regardless of how the relationship with your client ends, this letter will enable a professional termination.

The professional clearance letter template pack

A free resource for members of ICNZB!


The cost of getting these types of templates professionally drafted for your bookkeeping business could easily be upwards of $500.  ICNZB offers these templates to our members free of charge, while also making this pack available for non-members to purchase through our shop.

We have developed a professional clearance template pack as a free resource to ICNZB Members.

This pack includes 5 different templates:

  • A request for professional clearance template
  • A follow up request
  • An authority to transfer records/subscriptions
  • A response to professional clearance (x2 versions)

All the documents in the pack include explanatory notes to guide you through the process of issuing and responding to a request for professional clearance.