Setting the standard for professional clearance in onboarding clients

"Professional clearance is a letter that a new bookkeeper sends the previous bookkeeper to ask for information and documents relating to you and your bookkeeping matters. It includes a request for your documents and information so they can take over your bookkeeping affairs."

While professional clearance between bookkeepers is a professional courtesy rather than an obligation, this is a professional standard that ICNZB Bookkeepers should strive to achieve.

An incoming bookkeeper may contact an outgoing bookkeeper for professional clearance, typically asking whether there are any issues that they should be aware of when considering taking on an engagement.

To assist bookkeepers to follow this professional standard, ICNZB have developed a professional clearance pack for members and non-members to help inform and guide the process.

The professional clearance letter template pack

A valuable resource for members of ICNZB!


The cost of getting these types of templates professionally drafted for your bookkeeping business could easily be upwards of $500.  ICNZB offers these templates to our members for a nominal fee, while also making this pack available for non-members to purchase through our shop.

We have developed a professional clearance template pack as a valuable resource to ICNZB Members.

This pack includes 5 different templates:

  • A request for professional clearance template
  • A follow up request
  • An authority to transfer records/subscriptions
  • A response to professional clearance (x2 versions)

All the documents in the pack include explanatory notes to guide you through the process of issuing and responding to a request for professional clearance.