On 15 July 2020, the Association celebrated it's 10th birthday!

This provided us with a great opportunity to reflect on what the Association has been able to deliver in it's 10 years of existence.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Become a recognised Professional Body with Inland Revenue.
  • Successfully lobbied Inland Revenue for recognition of the work Bookkeepers do - the result of this was the Registered Bookkeeper status with Inland Revenue. 
  • Worked tirelessly with CCH to publish the NZ Master Bookkeepers Guide which was published in 2012. 
  • Developed a certification assessment in April 2011 to deliver a reliable standard amongst Certified Bookkeepers. 
  • Established a Code of Ethical Conduct for members to adhere to.
  • Developed and implemented Continued Professional Development programme. 
  • Held our inaugural Bookkeepcon conference in August 2013 - a keystone to professional development and networking. 
  • Introduced Annual Excellence Awards to celebrate the achievements of our bookkeeping peers.
  • Welcomed our first staff member in February 2015.
  • Built strong relationships with our Founding Sponsor, Xero since January 2011 and National Sponsor MYOB since August 2015. 

The milestone event also provided us an opportunity to hear from our Founding Committee members. 

Melanie Morris, Founding President

Mel shares more details on the story of how the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association began 10 years ago - with the support of Inland Revenue.

Steve Lowery, Founding Vice President

Our Founding Vice-President, Steve Lowery passes on his well wishes for our birthday and our continued growth.

Craig Hibbert, Founding Treasurer

Founding Treasurer Craig Hibbert recalls the small turnout we had from bookkeepers at the beginning – and congratulates us on our perseverance to turn that around and be the successful organisation we are today.

Vivien Cowey, Founding Secretary

Listen to the story of how Vivien Cowey became the Founding Secretary of our Association which involves a laundromat and a laptop.

Pip Langford, Founding Committee

In the middle of coping with the after effects of the earthquake that changed the lives of Cantabrians forever, a group of bookkeepers got together and began figuring out how to create our Association. Hear Pip Langford, Founding Executive Member proudly talk about the group of determined bookkeepers that started it all