Not sure where to start on your journey to becoming a Bookkeeper?  We can help!

While historically bookkeeping was seen as a "work from the kitchen table" job, in today's modern world Bookkeepers are considered highly skilled and valued business professionals.

The increasing professionalism of the industry can be attributed to the support and advocacy of organisations like ICNZB, as well as the fact that that bookkeepers are in fact business owners themselves.  In order to best support their clients and operate as a responsible business owner, a Bookkeeper needs to have their own business set-up and operated utilising the best practice principles and guidelines they would advise their clients to use.

This series of guides has been developed to help those wanting to become a Bookkeeper. They will walk you through the process of setting up a professional bookkeeping business, the many things you need to consider, and the essentials you need to get right before you even get started working with clients.

These guides are general in nature and are intended to be informative only. They are not professional advice. Professional advice should be sought as required.